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This page on Long-Range Phone Extender (Long-Distance Cordless Phone) is devoted for the purpose of showing the method of extending a phone, fax and internet (dial-up speed access) connection up to a distance of 10 to 200 km.

City-Rural Long Range Communication Solution

How to deploy voice and data signal to remote rural areas:

A scenario: a home-based worker is residing in a place where communication service is not available. What is the most cost-effective solution in order to have access to communication.

In cases where using Outdoor Long Range WLAN and other wirelessbroadband technology is not a feasible communication option owing to terrain and distance from source (Pt A) to remote village (Pt B), an appropriate solution would be to use a Wireless Long-Range Phone Extender. Click on the links below to see the different type of application and scenario for Long-Range Wirelesss Phone Extender:  See our solution tipbelow.

A Wireless Long-Range Phone Extender is a fixed-wireless radio equipment capable of extending or hauling a fixed-line (landline) dial tone wirelessly to very long-distances. For it to work, you will need a pair (two units) of radio called a base station radio and remote station. It is not the traditional two-way radio but its operation is very similar.

Long Range Phone Extender base and remote station units work in tandem. The only difference is that phone-extenders utilizes full-duplex function so that users in both ends can hear each other simultaneously while talking unlike a normal push-to-talk two radio. Just like two-way radios the phone extender’s radio antenna must be elevated via an antenna tower.

The secret to its long-distance transmission capability is on its power output and frequency. Phone extenders use VHF and UHF frequency, the level capable of reaching very long-distance. The lower the frequency and the higher the power output, the higher will be the transmission range.

A phone extender with an output power of 25Watts can reach as much as 200Km on point-to-point communication. Added functionality is fax and modem compatibility such that you can receive fax messages and use dial-up internet access on the remote site.

Internet speed can reach up to 56Kbps or lower depending on the quality of the communication line.

A Wireless Long Range Phone Extender is very ideal for remote islands, jungles, remote resorts and villages. It is widely used in remote places in the world owing to its reliability and simple operation. Big savings on long-distance call can be derived since you’re using an extended local line. You can call such local area even if its 100 km away free at no extra long-distance charges.

Let us consider the case of the home-based remote worker. He/she can use the phone extender to call, fax, e-mail and browse the internet while working in the comfort of her home. Its not broadband access but it can answer his/her need to access the internet.

Tech-Ware Solution

Long Range Phone Application_Xlin

Model:            LC-01 Xlin Long Range Cordless PhoneExtender
Application:      Extending Phone w/dial-up internet (56 Kbps)
Range :           Up to 40 Km (up to 200 km available)
Reliability:        Almost Telco-GradeQuality/Secure Connection
Features:        Encryption/Intercom/Voice& Data Transmission   Maker:           Hotware Wireless International Ltd- Taiwan
Set-Price:        USD $708.91  FOB-Taiwan(complete set)

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