Cellphone Signal Booster

Cellphone Signal Booster - Is there really a need? With over 200,000,000 cell phone users in the U.S.A. the demand for a reliable cell phone signal has never been greater. Cell phone users have come to expect these electronic devices to work anywhere – home, office, and on the road.

Cell Phone Signal Problem

IndoorCoverage is the Issue

Unfortunately for many people, the reception issue is a frustrating experience. Whether it is a weaksignal at home, dead spots at the office, or dropped calls on the commute, cell phone users are demanding better coverage – especially indoors. If you are tired of being part of the 35% of wireless phone users having trouble maintaining cell phone signal strength inside a home or office, you need a cellular phone signal booster.

In order to improve the wireless service, the cell phone signal needs to be amplified. Severalfactors affect cell phone signal penetration into buildings, including building material (metal, concrete, wood), wall density, number of windows and building height. Cell phone signals work a little like television signals (without cable or satellite). Remember the tall antennas that used to be on every house in the neighborhood? That antenna captured the television signal and brought it into the house to the TV.

Who needs a cellphone signal booster?

Most cellular networks were built for highways -- to provide the best coverage for people in their cars. When you’re indoors, chances are you encounter dead cell zones—areas where your cell phone signal becomes weak, crackly and full of static, or where the cell phone signal drops off completely. Many building materials interfere with, or block, the cell phone signal.

Why do I lose cell phone signal strength indoors?

Just like television signal before that requires tall antennas, there is a need to bring in cell phone signal to inside of buildings. Fortunately, modern technology lets us capture a cell phone signal in a similar fashion, but with a MUCH smaller antenna. With a wireless range extender also known as cell phone signal booster, you can bring that outside cell phone signal inside – where you need it the most.

How can I tell if cellphone signal booster will help extend coverage?

You can run a simple test. If you can place a call outside your home or office, a cellphone signal booster unit will help you by boosting the signal inside the building. If there is no signal outside, the cellphone signal booster unit will not give you an improvement in coverage. The unit will only help improve your signal strength if you have enough of a signal outside to place a call.

There are a lot of cellular phone signal boosters out there that, quite frankly, do not live up to their promises. This page is about the award-winning Cell Phone Signal Booster from maker Wireless-Extenders.

Finally there is a solution! The Wi-Ex product line provides cell phone coverage to those who have difficulty getting service indoors or on the road!

Cellphone Signal Booster from Wireless Extenders

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zBoost Personal Signal Booster

Stop running to the window or going outside to talk on your cell phone - Many wireless users suffer cell phone signal strength loss when using a cell phone in their home, office or in the car.

With a zBoost you can:

  • Decrease dropped or missed calls
  • Save money and drop your landline
  • Receive important calls INSIDE
  • Increase employee productivity – they can stay at their desk instead of running to the window or outside to talk on your cell
  • Improve your battery life of your phone
  • Increase coverage up to 10,000 sq ft with optional antenna
  • zBoost also extends Cell Zones, so you can use your phoneor PDA with all the new applications which require a stronger signal.

Zboost Cellphone Signal Booster is Easy to Install

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Easy Install
Antenna Near Window

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Better Signal
Antenna Outside Window
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Best Signal Reception
Outside Antenna

How Wi-Ex's zBoost Cellphone Signal Booster Works

Using a revolutionary, patent pending technology that protects the carrier network,zBoost improves indoor cell phone coverage by capturing and repeating the outside signal, bringing it into the building and enhancing it. This process creates a “Cell Zone” in the home, office or car.

Without Cellphone Signal Booster With Cellphone Signal Booster

The zBoost Cellphone Signal Booster system includes:
  • Outdoor antenna (repeats the signal) - It can be installed outdoors above the roofline or indoors in the attic or near a window)
  • Coax cable (RG6- ultra low-loss, DBS satellite) - Connects from the outdoor antenna to the base unit
  • Base unit – Sleekly designed, it amplifies the signal and provides oscillation detection/correction which protects the carrier network using patent-pending technology.
  • Indoor antenna – Connects to the base unit to repeat the signal and create “Cell Zone” - no physical connection to the phone is needed.
  • Also included in the kit is mounting materials.

zBoost repeats and amplifies the signal and is frequency dependent. zBoost works with most phones and carriers except Nextel and comes in 3 models.

Do cellphone signal boosters really work?

Wireless Extenders cellular phone signal boosters do. They are designed to take the same signal you receive outside and bring it inside, amplifying the signal indoors.

Wi-Ex's patent-pending bi-directional amplifiers capture the signal outside and extend the cell zone inside. Installation is easy and takes minutes to set up. Plus there are no monthly fees, no programs to install, and no calls to the carrier to set up service. Just put the signal antenna outdoors where there is signal, run the cable to the base unit, plug it in and instantly you have created a new cell zone!
Because data requires more signal strength than voice calls, the Wi-Ex product is extremely valuable. A strong signal means maximum data speed andperformance. Using the Wi-Ex product, downloads of pictures,Word documents, or email messages take seconds, not minutes. With multiple users on one Wi-Ex unit, and coverage up to 2500 square feet, it makes perfect sense not only for home use, but for businesses of all sizes and types.

Wi-Ex Cellphone Signal Booster Advantage

cellphone signal booster for voice & data

The Wireless Extenders YX500 Series units will boost the cell phone signalinside your home or office. You won’t have to go outside or to a window to use your cell phone again.

Will the Wi-Ex YX500-PCS or the YX500-CEL unit work with any wireless service?
The Wi-Ex YX500-PCS unit will work only in the PCS frequency range (1850 – 1990 MHz), and the Wi-Ex YX500-CEL will only work in the Cellular frequency range (824 – 896 MHz).

Cell phones from providers like Cricket, Metro PCS, Suncom, T-Mobile, and Sprint (excludes Nextel) normally work with our YX500-PCS model, and cell phones from providers like Cingular and Verizon will normally work with the YX500-CEL model. Most of the wireless phones in use today are in the PCS or the Cellular frequencies. Some wireless service providers are PCS only while others will operate in the Cellular and PCS frequencies. This varies from city to city. If your service provider shows both 800 and 1900 MHz the YX500-CEL willprobably work. If your service provider shows only the 1900MHz, the YX500-PCS booster will work.

Benefits of using a Wi-Ex Cellphone Signal Booster?
You can stop suffering from dropped calls when you’re indoors.

    • You can extend the battery life of your cell phone.Because the Wireless Extender boosts the signal, the phone will consume less power to capture the cell phone signal, thus conserving the battery of the phone and enabling you to talk longer.
    • Many cell phone users see the benefit of replacingtheir expensive landline phone service because they use their cell phone the most. The problem is that in many cases the wireless coverage isn’t good in their home. Wireless Extenders’ cellular phone signal booster improves the wireless coverage and will allow you to do away with that expensive landline connection. Imagine being able to cut the cord from your local telephone company!
    • In addition, Wi-Ex cellular phone signal boostersenhance the following wireless applications:
      • Sending and receiving text messages
      • Instant messaging
      • Picture mail
      • Internet usage from your cell phone
      • PDA interactive messaging
      • 3G high-speed data
      • Downloading software
      • Security systems backup


“Imanage a real estate brokerage company and just relocated to our new offices. After we moved in we unfortunately found out none of us could use our cell phones. Wireless Extenders offered to let us field test their equipment. Immediately after the installation we went from no service to a solid three and sometimes four bars of service! Of particular benefit was the fact that this not only affected my own personal cell phone, but also all my agents and clients when they were in the building.”
- Richard Wedekind, Broker/Owner Perimeter Brokers

“The Wireless Extender performs beyond my expectations.”
- Nick Lafferty, Radio Shack

“I now have dependable cell phone coverage in areas ofmy home that I could not complete a call.”
- Mark Allen, Communication Zone (independent Sprint retail stores)

“Since my office is located in a windowless room in my basement with two sides of concrete walls, I had no signal at all. After the installation of my Wireless Extender, I can now talk throughout my basement and get 3 to 4 bars in my office. I was pleased that the installation was so simple too. The installation is something that even an electronically challenged person like myself could do in less than an hour.”
- Mel Fuller, President, Melton Classics

“You have made a believer out of me. I had terrible cell service in my downtown Atlanta office. With the Wireless Extender I can now receive and make clear calls anywhere in my office, and I have no dead spots.”
- Ric Tomlinson, President, Univest Holdings

Scout and Compare Price of Wi-Ex zBoost Cellphone Signal Booster

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