Home Wireless Network Set Up Tips

What is a Home Wireless  Network?

Setting up Home Wireless Network - We Recommend Using Network Magic Software.
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A home wireless network is a fancy name for two or more computers sharing an Internet connection and a printer. Imagine having your desktop computer where it is (plugged in to the wall) and then having a laptop to take anywhere in the house or outside. 

On the laptop, if you want to view a picture or anything else stored on the desktop computer, you can just open it. It's called File Sharing. And, if you want to print something from your laptop while you're sitting on the deck, you can send it to the printer attached to the desktop computer. That's called Printer Sharing. So a home wireless network isn't some scary thing that requires you tobe a computer geek - it can be a simple way to have more than one computer sharing the Internet and a printer. (Home wireless networks can also share lots of other types of devices, but for this introduction, I'm keeping it simple.)

router.JPG To set up a home wireless network (not a scary thing, remember), you need to purchase a wireless router - a small device that connects between your modem and your desktop computer. (The modem is the device you got from your DSL or cable provider that connects to a telephone jack or cable TV wall outlet.) The router allows more than one computer to use your Internet connection at the same time. It also lets all of the computers in your home "see" each other and know they exist.

When you have your router in place, fire up the laptop. Most laptops today have wireless capability built in. (If you purchase a laptop that doesn't, you can get a wireless USB adapter that plugs in to your laptop and gives it wireless capability.) And if you install Network Magic on your laptop and desktop computers, it detects your router automatically and helps you connect to the Internet. Network Magic also sets up printer sharing and walks you through file sharing. It's really easy. And if you add more computers (because it's so easy), just install Network Magic on them and they're automatically joined to your home network.

So give it a try, and soon you'll be the proud owner of a home network and can tell your friends that it's not a scary thing. Better yet, send them an email from your deck!

Secure your home wireless network

Setting up Home Wireless Network

Lock.JPGA home wireless network where more than one computer shares an Internet connection, files, and printers is great. After you set it up, you'll wonder how you ever managed without it. Getting it set up is a huge first step and you're probably resting on your accomplishments with just getting it to work. And hopefully you used Network Magic to help you. Congratulations! But you're only partly done, especially if you've set up a wireless network. Now you have to secure your home network so others can't log on to it from the "outside." You've probably heard it before: you wouldn't leave your house without locking the door, so why would you leave your home network open to just anyone to use your Internet connection and potentially access your personal data.

The easiest way to secure your home network is to set some basic security features on your router. I know when I did this on my home network, I was a little nervous since I often work from home and I didn't want to mess anything up. But I took the plunge and logged in to my router and set up WPA security (it wasn't hard to do). Now I know a hacker will have to work a lot harder to access my network, and will probably keep driving down the road looking for the person who didn't take the time to lock down their home network.

Keep Your Home Office Online -Setting up Home Wireless Network Properly

Working from home is great; you don't have to commute through miles of traffic, you can wear whatever you want, and you can set your own schedule. One of the down sides of working from home is keeping your computers and Internet connection working. There's nothing more frustrating than computer downtime, and not knowing what's causing it. Is it your computer, your router, or is it your Internet Service Provider (ISP)? Or how about trying to share one printer with your wireless laptop and your desktop computer.

Wouldn't it be great to have an onsite computer geek to just "make it all work" so you can concentrate on your customers? Then install Network Magic on all of your computers and see how it can help keep your home office running smoothly:

• Set up printer and file sharing from any computer in your home. You can print from any computer, and move files from one computer to another without having to e-mail them back and forth.
• Get a notification if you lose your Internet connection, andtroubleshoot and fix the problem.
• Keep your software investment up to date by alerting you when important software updates are available.
• Secure your home network with wireless security settings.
• Track any intruder that attempts to log on to your home network.

Let Network Magic help keep your home wireless network up and running, so you can focus on your business.

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Whatis Network Magic?  

Network Magic is the award-winning software that makes home and small office networking easy. While the benefits of networking are great, it can be very frustrating and time consuming for the average computer user. Making several PCs, routers, printers and devices such as digital cameras and gaming systems all talk to each other and work smoothly using only Microsoft Windows XP or Vista can take hours of configuration (and reconfiguration). Network Magic eliminates common frustrations and saves time by simplifying and automating set up, management, and repair of home and small office networks, and makes printer and file sharing effortless. Setting up home wireless network is so easy with Network Magic.

There are three versions of Network Magic:
  • Network Magic Free
  • Network Magic Essentials
  • Network Magic Pro

Key Network Magic Capabilities- Setting Up Home Wireless Network

Pure Networks

Create Your Home Wireless Network - No Technical Knowledge Required
  • Diagrams and step-by-step tools guide you through specific tasks
  • Add computers and devices to the network to share an Internet connection
  • Print from any computer to any printer in the house
  • Share files, favorite music, and photos between computersand operating platforms, including Windows and Mac
Manage Your Home Wireless Network
  • Complete all networking tasks from a centralizeddashboard
  • Troubleshoot issues instantly with alerts and support wizards
  • View a comprehensive network map of all of the devicesand their status on your network
Secure Your Home Wireless Network
  • Instantly add protection to prevent intruders from accessing your personal documents and Internet.
Enhances Microsoft Windows XP & Vista
  • Automate networking functions included in Microsoftproducts
There is also an add-on for using Network Magic with Macs, which makes it easy to share files and printers in a mixed PC/Mac environment.

You can download a Free Pro version of Network Magic and try it for 7 days. Install Network Magic on each computer in your home or office that shares an Internet connection. At any time during the trial you can choose to purchase either Network Magic Essentials or Pro.

If your Free trial expires and you decide you don't want to purchase Essentials or the Pro, you can continue to use the Free features at no charge.

Do You Want to Instantly Set up Your Home Wireless Network?

Add a Device Wizard:
Easily add computers and devices to your network by simply clicking "Add."
Wireless Connection Manager:
Automatically connect to your preferred wireless or broadband network.
Internet Connection Repair:
Quickly troubleshoot, pinpoint and repair Internet connection problems.The repair wizard automatically detects connection problems andattempts to fix them for you - keeping your computers online and your network operating at its optimal performance level.

How About Easily Managing Your Home Wireless Network?

Network Tasks:
Easily perform all networking tasks from a centralized dashboard.
Comprehensive Network Map:
View an illustrated map of every device on your network. See eachdevice, its current status and information including suggested tasks and security alerts.
Personalized Network Advice:
Get pertinent networking recommendations and tips through our NetworkMagic Advisor.

 Or Share Music, Photos, and Printers? 

Automatic Printer Sharing:
Print from any computer to any printer in your home, with the click of a mouse.
Easy File Sharing:
 Share files, music, and photos between all of your computers quickly and easily. Simply click "share" and you can access your favorite songs or documents from any computer.

Firewall setting management

Automatically configure firewalls to protect your printers and file sharing.

Support for multiple operating systems
Includes Windows and Mac. When you purchase the Network Magic for Mac Add-on, you can easily share printers and share files across all of your computers.

Do you want to keep your Files and Network Protected?

Wireless and Broadband Protection:

Keep you and your personal information safe and secure at home and work

Network Magic alerts you if intruders try to join your network so you can keep them off.   Network Lock allows you to turn on MAC address filtering to prevent others fromconnecting to your wireless network. Note: This feature works with certain routers. .
Network Health and Security Alerts
Keep your network safe and secure. Network Magic makes sure yourfirewall and antivirus security measures are doing their job byscanning your network, alerting you to issues and helping you resolve them.
Network History
A real-time record documenting activity on your network; including the devices and computers added and removed from your network, Internet connection status, and applications used.

looking for product with Top Licensing and Support? 

  • Licensing includes up to 3 computers plus devices.
  • Mac integration is available as an Add-on. For information about Network Magic for Mac.
  • Free Technical Support.
  • Automatic access to Priority Premium Support Phone Line.

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What Do I Need?

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Minimum System Requirements

  • Operating system:Microsoft® Windows® Vista™ product line, XP Home Service Pack 1 or 2, XP Pro Service Pack 1 or 2, XP Tablet PC, XP Media Center 2005, XP X64 edition, 2000 Pro SP3 or later, Millennium Edition (ME), Windows 98SE
  • Processor: PC with 450 megahertz or higher processor clock speed recommended. Intel® Pentium®/Celeron® family, or AMD K6™/Athlon™/Duron™ family, or compatible processor recommended
  • Memory: 128 megabytes (MB) RAM or greater
  • Network adapter: Wired (Ethernet) or wireless network adapter, with Broadband Internet connection
  • Disk space: 40 megabytes (MB)
  • Web browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 or greater
  • Windows Installer 2.0 or greater (included in Windows XPor later)
Mac Add-On Feature:
  • Software: Mac OS X (10.4.7 and later versions).
  • Hardware: Processor: Universal application that supports both Intel® and PowerPC-based Macs

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Network Magic supports all routers.

Please Note:
  • The Remote Access feature in Network Magic Pro works withcertain routers -
  • The Network Lock feature in both Network Magic Essentialsand Network Magic Pro works with certain routers - here'sthe list.

Network Magic Product Comparison

Whether for home or your small business, Network Magic offers a host of solutions to address your networking needs

See what is included in each Network Magic version:

Feature FreeVersion Essentials       Pro      
Easy toUse
Wizards guide you through networking
Centralized Dashboard
Connect Devices and Share Folders & Printers
Add a Device Wizard: One click ease 7 Days Free
Easy File Sharing: Share files, music, andphotos 7 Days Free
Automatic Printer Sharing*: Print from any computer 7 Days Free
Wireless Connection Manager: Easily connect to your preferred network
Network-Attached Storage (NAS) device support 7 Days Free  
Centralized Shared File Directory: See all shared files in one location 7 Days Free
Remote Access to Files††: Access files when away from home or office 7 Days Free  
Network Protection
Wireless and Broadband Protection†: Keep protected from unwanted intruders with Network Lock 7 Days Free
PC Shield: Protect your files when away from home or office 7 Days Free
Maintain & Repair Network
Visual Network Map: See devices on your network
Internet Connection Repair: Stay connected to the Internet 7 Days Free
Network Reports: Know how your devices, applications, and Internet are being used 7 Days Free  
Internet Speed Test: Determine how quickly information is being sent and received 7 Days Free  
Network History: View a real-time record of activity on your network
Network Health and Security Alerts: Be alerted to issues on your network. Get help resolving them
Personalized Network Advice (Network Magic Advisor): Get recommendations tailored to optimize your personal network
Online File Backup
6 months of online backup from Carbonite for up to 8 PCs**: Completely automatic. Plus unlimited backup space so no decisions necessary.    
Licensing & Support
Licensing & Support: # of Computers   Up to 3 PCs Up to 8 PCs
Free Technical Support 7 Days Free
Priority Premium Support Phone Line  
Mac Integration
Network Magic for Mac Add-on*
Integrate Mac & PCs in one network. Share printers & files cross platform.
Must be purchased separately.

Setting Up Home Wireless Network is Easy With Network Magic.  

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