WirelessInternetForLaptop maybe easy if you are inside a Hotspot or WISP that operarates WiFi-Mesh Network. Your laptop's built-in Centrino which is actually a Wireless LAN gadget (WiFi-Wireless Client) to enable you to connect to any WiFi-enabled station within reach.  These stations are operated by Hotspots operators.

Hotspot pixWiFi is a wireless standards commonly adopted by wireless radio equipment makers to enable wireless communication and connectivity among all WiFi enabled gadgets.  Common WiFi gadgets introduced in modern laptopsare 802.11b and 802.11.g or commonly known as Wireless B and Wireless G, respectively.  Both operates on 2.4Ghz which is un-licensed frequency band whose difference lies only in transmission speed (the speed transfer capacity is 11Mbps for Wireless B and 54Mbps for Wireless G.  Wireless A (802.11a) which is also 54Mbps operates on 5.8Ghz is rarely installed on latest laptops.   A WiFi-enabled laptop is also referred to as Centrino.  

Obstacles toobtaining WirelessInternetforLaptop.

Indoor APInternet Connection (also known as access to the internet information superhighway) can be feed to any WiFi-AP which is actually what Hotspots are known for.  For instance, if you have a high-speed internet access service e.g - DSL or Cable Internet, you may feed the internet connection to any WiFi Access Point and presto, you have wireless internet connection on your laptop assuming you have "centrino" or Wireless LAN adapter installed. Not all areas however have WiFi-Hotspot signal from which your computer can connect. Most Wireless LAN or Centrino on laptops are built for limited-range or in-door use only at up to 50-75meters distance.  Obstacles such as walls, buildings plus interference limit transmission plus of course, the transmit-power of the broadcasting Access Point.  Most widely use forms of broadcast is either Access Point Radio and Wireless Routers. Most are "off-the-shelf" commercially-available wireless device designed for in-building wireless connectivity only.


Most Hotspot operators are constrained to seek high-power Access Points (APs) in the power-range of most outdoor Wireless Internet Service-Providers (WISP).  If Hotspot are limited to within 100mto wireless clients, WISPs attain transmission ranges of up to 10 miles. The secret lies in the type of radio equipment use to broadcast internet access signal.   Although both Hotspot operators and WISP possibly use WiFi-enabled equipment, WISP broadcast equipment uses high-power transmission equipment and high-gain outdoor antennas to achieve maximum coverage. To achieve high-range and coverage, WISP uses fixed-wireless receivers known as Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) also known as wireless clients.  Most CPE are fitted with outdoor antenna and provides maximum receive signal-strength level due to its outdoor-installation requirement.  Ranges can get as high as30km from nearest base station AP.

WL-2410GM -High-Power AP/Bridge/Client Wireless Equipment

WL-2410gm is best for wireless internet for laptopBest Wireless Internet Connection for Laptop is achieve if the transmitting AP has the power and range to cater to laptops even in heavy-obstacles such as floors and foliage.  WL-2410GM being offered in this site is thebest outdoor wireless internet solution designed for WISP but is also very ideal for hotspot application.  Being a true-outdoor wireless device, it can be mounted indoor and outdoor.  The WL-2410GM's Power-Over-Ethernet (POE) feautures allows limited signal loss and maximum antenna gain.

An entire floor maybe served using only 1 WL-2410GM equipment enabling wireless internet signal to traverse rooms; a great advantage over maintaining several routers or APs every room.  On an outdoor application, WL-2410 provides greaterWirelessInternetForLaptop achieved-range at 2 or 3 times as much as range of regular wireless routers or APs.  

XLIN- WL-2410GM Long-Range Wireless AP/Bridge Client Solution

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Table below shows the coverage radius of  an Xlin WL-2410GM.

WL-2410GM Coverage

Above graphics illustrate the transmission range and/or coverage for wireless connection using WL-2410GM as base station Access Point Radio.   See how WL-2410GM is best for WirelessInernetforLaptop.  Please note the range achieve for a simple PCMCIA OR Centrinoconnection is from 200-1000 meters from AP on open air.  Installing this 1-watt AP device inside building brings wider coverage that no commercial wireless router or AP can match.


WL-2410GM selectable operation mode can be as access point, bridge and wireless client.  Being a WiFi-compliant radio enables it to cater other WiFi-standard devices.  Hotware Wireless Co. Ltd of Taiwan,maker of Xlin Wireless Long-Range Communication Solution, provides different type of cost-effective wireless equipment designed to meet every requirement at a fraction of a cost of branded high-end equipment.

Successful Stories Using Hotware-Xlin Wireless Communications Solution.

World Summit of French Speaking Nations(Burkina Faso)
Hospitals LAN expansion (Taiwan)
Small town zone spot (Taiwan)
Marine Application (Taiwan)
Chemistry Factory Surveillance (Philippines)
Oil Tank Yard Surveillance (France)
Dam Monitoring (Spain)
Campus Hotspot (Malaysia)
Harbor surveillance over WLAN – 2nd largestharbor in Indonesia (Indonesia)
Hotel hot-spot, surveillance, communicationtotal solution (Indonesia)
WISP 2, total solution franchiseProgram(Canada)

Equipment-component use for the above applications ranges from indoor AP to Outdoor Long-Range Solutions foremost of which is WL-2410gm which primarily act as Access Point Server not only for wireless outdoor client (fixed wireless) equipment but for laptop's built-in wireless LAN receiver or Centrino.  Wireless Internet which is the primary reason why laptops have built-in WLAN device is to enable access to any internet hotspot available.  Not all Internet Hotspot are the samethough.  If you are planning to operate a Hotspot or your private wireless internet, we suggest you go for the high-power AP such as WL-2410gm.

Why WL-2410gm is best forWirelessInternetforlaptop?

How Does Wireless Internet Works?   Wireless Internet works by putting internet access on mobile devices thus allowing roaming and flexibility with the advantage of un-wired connection.  High-speed wireless internet access which is already prevalent in these days requires reliable wireless medium which reliable operation and throughput. WL-2410gm can provide the kind of reliability and the most cost-effective price.

Hotspot operators need not worry for congestion due to simultaneous access for wireless internet even up to 100 users at the same time and possibly over a radius of 1km for laptops users using WL-2410gm (on open terrain) or by using USB or Wireless LAN adaptors which additional increase in range.

The best WirelessInternetforLaptop is therefore a gadget that is able to cater wireless clients such as laptops or notebooks equipped with WLAN device and adaptors.  

More info on WL-2410 Best WirelessInternetForLaptop device:

XLIN WL-2410GM, 802.11g (54Mbps)  2.4 Ghz 1-Watt  AP/Client/Repeater/Bridge(New!)
Reliable,Cost-Effective,2.4Ghz  True Outdoor, Long-Range WiFi, up to 25Km
Ideal for Hotspot WirelessInternetForLaptop

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