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We promote ICT and Long-Range Communication in remote regions of the world with the use of cost-effective solutions.

We offer cost-effective  starter-kit  of the  following solution:

Long-Range Outdoor Wireless Communication
Long-Range Cordless Phone.
VoIP and Surveillance
Advanced Telephony- PABX, Hybrid and IP-PBX

We form long-range wireless solutions: data, voice and image!   With a decade of experience and development in long distance cordless phone industry, Hotware Wireless Co., Ltd. is a specialist for long-range wireless communication solutions and applications.
Backed by our strong  R&D and manufacturing capabilities, we form and deliver quick, easy, and cost-efficient communication solutions.  Our Long-Range Wireless Communication solution is a versatile platform serving all kinds of people, especially lying with those areas lacking communication infrastructure. Besides the reliability and functionality of the product, we deliver you with all sorts of application packages. We provide not only a simple long-distance cordless phone but a total bridging solution for long-range wireless telecommunication service – integrating all telecommunication services such as phone, fax, modem, Internet, LAN, voice and data.

As a matter of fact that there are many isolated areas and sites lacking of communication service (mainly and namely the telephone line service, PSTN) in every country globally.

Even in the most advanced nations,there are still many special and temporary sites such as mines, farms and special construction sites that have no existing communication service available; let alone the very far and under-constructive rural area, island and mountains. Especially, it will be extremely expensive and time-consuming to construct a‘wired/cabled’ communication facility for thoserelatively less-dense areas.

Our concept, with our excellent designing and manufacturing capability, is to provide the quick, easy and cost-efficient solution for those areas and people.

About Hotware Wireless Ltd

Hotware Wireless Ltd ( pride itself as a manufacturer of professional equipment and is focusing on  the production of reliable, robust and cost-effectivewireless LAN equipment  for  outdoor  long-range applications.   Wireless Internet equipment for WISP operation is among the core product line it carries but the complete product portfolio is what makes Hotware-XLIN an excellent choice. 

It can provide several frequency options, power and range on its Access Points (AP), CPE's, the all-important backhaul equipment, dual-band solutions and evenmesh-application solutions, all designed to meet any kind of application scenarios.

Hotware Long-Range WLAN and Cordless Phone solutions is widely used in several parts of the world with great success.  We certainly welcome wireless internet providers to source their requirements from us on the basis of the following benefits we offer: price, product quality, reliability and after-sales support.  Hotware maintains an integrationcenter just for this purpose.

For your specific requirements, yes we can supply you the appropriate equipment in different frequency options and for the required number of users.  We would appreciate if you can email us re this requirements.

By sourcing your requirements from us, you are buying from a direct-maker of reliable, quality, robust and very cost effective product designed to meet simple and complex requirements.

For Philippine Customers:

Check out our Direct-Branch Office catering to the Philippine Market.

Hotware Solutions Philippines, Inc (HSPI)
2F Bornia-Dela Cruz Bldg, Sandawa Rd.
New Matina, Davao City
8000 Philippines
Tel No. +63 82 303 5048
Fax No. +63 82 321-4641


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