Building An ISP
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Thinking about Building a Broadband Wireless Network ?

Now individuals, businesses and local municipalities can launch a Wireless ISP without the fear, uncertainty or doubt that is usually associated with deploying a new type of technology.

Hotware-Zigwire’s Solution Wireless ISP provides everything needed to build a profitable high-speed Internet open access network [with on line billing] anywhere in the world. Whether you need a system to support 50 customers in a rural environment or thousands of customers in a suburban or inner city area, Hotware-Zigwire’s Solution Wireless ISP consulting service provides a complete business plan, a network design, a training program and even technical support that will enable even a novice to launch a profitable broadband wireless network for their community.

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Broadband Wireless Market Overview

The use of wireless technology for broadband delivery means absolutely nothing to most customers. Customers care about services that are reliable and affordable, and that offer excellent value. They care about the responsiveness of their service provider ISP to their needs and the predictability and controllability of their costs. In a nutshell, customers want excellent
service and no surprises. Customers do not care about how the service is delivered.

Hotware-Zigwire’s Solution Broadband Wireless technology is a tool, not an end in itself. Wireless has always been an alternative for high-speed connections, but never has the range of choices been as great or the rate of innovation as rapid. The Hotware-Zigwire Solution delves into the world of broadband wireless fixed wireless connections that deliver data rates from less than T-1 (1.5 Mega bits per second (Mbps) up to and beyond 108 Mbps. These wireless connections serve the
same function as wired-line or fiber -- interconnecting public and private networks.

Building an ISP Guide:

Building an ISP Overview

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