Long-Range WISP
Pilot-Project Proposal

Long-Range WISP Business Pilot-Project Proposal:

If you are planning or is desiring to set-up a very cost-effective wireless broadband internet services in your local area, our solution is for you. Due to strong interest and clamor from various clients in developing countries, we hereby present to you an overview of our cost-effective Long-Range WISP Pilot-Project Solution.

3-AP Node for WISP
WISP Tower

Our solution has special attributes, features and benefits. It is not only cost-effective, manageable and easy-to-delploy but certainly, can provide investors fast return-on-investment (ROI).

Illustrated below, please find the equipment component of our WISP Pilot-Project Proposal

The 3 Major Component of a Long-Range WISP , Long Distance Application:

Backhaul- from internet source point to sector node (to connect node to internet source or server)

Access Point (AP): for blanketing the sector (broadcast the internet access signal over an area/sector)

Customer Premise-Equipment (CPE): as customer-premise transponder from their premise (receive signal from the AP)

Long-Range WISP Component 1: Backhaul Radio

xlink-5801a Outdoor Backhaul Radio

Backhaul Component- xLink-5801aLong-Range Outdoor Backhaul solution

We propose as follows, for 20Km connection:

2 x xLink-5801a
2 x FP-5G23, 23-dbi,5.1~5.9 panel antenna;

href="https://www.tech-ware-tips-startup-internet-business.com/xlink-5801a.html">Xlink-5801a is our most advanced 802.11a platform:

a>it is Athros chipset, most advanced model:200mW, 5~5.8GHz, 3 band, 802.11a;

b>it was designed for outdoor long range; there are many parameters that can be adjusted very delicately to get best connection quality and through-put at long range, the special 'distance parameter' can achieve the best coding and decoding pattern and result in the best connection and quality,

c>it is 5.1~5.2GHz, 5.5~5.6GHz and 5.7~5.8GHz, 3 band,programmable;

d>the power output is programmable; The actual long-range test we had made :

36Mbps @ 2Km
24Mbps @ 5Km
18Mbps @ 12Km
12Mbps @ 18Km
10Mbps @ 21Km
6Mbps @ 30Km
5Mbps @ 34Km (tested in Quebec, Canada, in 2005)
4Mbps @ 37Km (latest tested results in Pakistan in Jan. 2006)
6Mbps @ 42Km (in Nova Scotia, Canada, May, 2007)

e>CE/FCC certified; IP-68 certified.

Long-Range WISP Component 2: Access Point Radio

Access Point -Sectorized 360 degrees Coverage  using 3 AP radios

Access Point (AP) for Sector node, to blanket a particular area/sector.

We propose an omni-directional array with 3 x 120-degree sectorial antennas.

a>WL-2410GM,1-watt, long-range AP/client/repeater/bridge;

b>our FP-2415, 2.4GHz, 15-dbi, 120-degree sector antenna.

c>our idea is 3 x radio + 3 x 120-degree antenna (see above), by doing so, you have 3 times of bandwidth, 3 times of RF channel flexibility; but it depends on your actual deployment of the network.

Long-Range WISP Component 3: Customer-Premise Equipment (CPE) Transponder

ASU-24005g Fighter CPE
AMU-24005gwith external antenna option
SMA(female) for external Yagi antenna 48VDC power with in-built arrestors

Customer-Premise Equipment (CPE) for subscribers/users to be installed on roof premises:

We wish to highlight our cost-effective long-range CPE FIGHTER series:

href="https://www.tech-ware-tips-startup-internet-business.com/ASU24005g.html">ASU-24005G(100mW, up to 7Km) and AMU-2405G(500mW, up to 20Km),

  • please note that it is not indoor unit, but an outdoor long range unit;
  • the whole package has covered weather-proof outdoor housing, antenna,
  • 25-m LAN cable, water-proof pipe, DC injector (POE), Adapter....
a> ASU-24005G,AP/client/repeater/bridge, 100mW, in-built 12-dbi panel, up to 7~10Km:

b> AMU-2405G-yagi: enhanced version of ASU-24005G, 500mW, packed with 16-dbi yagi antenna, up to 20Km;

For startup or Pilot-Project WISP, we suggest that you start with 5 units for each model, ASU-24005g & AMU-2405g.

For complete overview and information on building an WISP, see below.

Building an ISP Guide:

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