WiFi Mesh Network – Apro-8110

WiFi Mesh : Gateway & Relay

for Outdoor Mesh Network Deployment with Mobile IP, QoS & IAPP

Apro-8110 WiFi Mesh Metropolitan Area Network solution extends the capability of WiFi Local Area Network technologies (IEEE802.11) from providing just local area network connectivity to a wider reach for “wide-area” coverage without messy wiring and wired backbone connection.

Apro-8110 WiFi Mesh Metropolitan Area Network is designed for Enterprises as well as Residential (End-User) to have wireless broadband connectivity, with security, management and mobility taking into consideration.

Our WiFi Wireless Mesh Network solution addresses the market requirements for networks that are highly scalable and self configurable, offering end users secure, seamless roaming beyond traditional WLAN boundaries and provides easy deployment in areas that do not (or cannot) support a wired backhaul. Apro-8110 solution is well-suited for providing broadband wireless access in areas that traditional WLAN systems are unable to cover.

The fundamental Network architecture of Apro-8110 is given in Figure-1, and is built upon our Dual-Radio Access Point (Apro-8110 NodeAP), where one of the Radios serve as the backbone network infrastructure for Internet routing protocol, and the 2nd Radio form the end-user up/down stream wireless link.

Apro-8110 solution includes point-to-point and point-to-multipoint architecture with either normal (100mW) and/or extended (400mW) RF output transmission with external Antenna. With integration of routers, security features & adaptive backhaul routing algorithm & mobile IP for providing both Internet Access and WiFi VoIP applications.

Key Features

Internet & Access Features

  • Compliance with IEEE802.11b/g/a standard with 100mW or 400mW transmission
  • DHCP Server/Client, DNS Router, SNMP, VPN, NTP and Remote Syslog
  • Customizable Firewall, WEP, WPA, Zero-Configuration with Adaptive DNS
  • HTTP/HTTPS Secured Login, PPPoE and Access Control List Support.

Service & Management Features

  • Support SNMP V1,2,3 and Integrated with Apro-8110 Network Management Suite
  • Support up to 250 users simultaneously with both LAN and WLAN interface

Advanced Features

  • Mobile IP (with Mobile Location Register Server), IAPP, VPN Server,
  • Built-in with QoS and traffic shaping mechanism for channel traffic control for individual user, and applications, and Compliance with iPass International Roaming
  • Service Priority Optimal Link State Routing (MDOLSR) Protocol
Apro-8110 Node Access Point (Apro-8110 NodeAP)
Hardware IntelR IXP425 highlyintegrated & versatile single-chip network processor
WLAN Standard
IEEE802.11b/g (Client) or IEEE802.11a/b/g/ (Backhaul)
Frequency Channels Support (Client Mode) Depending on Countries Channel assignmentIEEE 802.11b/gUSA and Canada – 11Most European countries – 13France – 4 Japan – 14
Range Access(Client) 120m Outdoor (20dBm Radio)400m Outdoor (26dBm Radio)
Frequency Support(Backhaul) Depending on Countries Channel assignment IEEE 802.11b/g (2.4GHz)IEEE 802.11a (5GHz)
Range Access(Backhaul) 120~150m Outdoor (20dBm Radio)1~1.2km Outdoor (26dBm Radio)
Date Rate 11Mbps, 54Mbps with Dynamic fallback
Antenna 12dBi Omni or Directional Antenna
WEP, AES, IEEE802.1x, WPA1/2, Firewall & VPN (PPTP, L2TP & X.509)
HTTP/HTTPS Login with SSL Encryption, 802.1x and AAA RADIUS
Zero-Configuration, Proxy bypass, DNS feed through, Mobile IP, IAPP, QoS and 200kB InternalWeb Space, Free Web serving for “Specific Area”
Management NMS, Local/Centralize Webbase Configuration, SNMP V1/2/3, AP Discovery, Remote Syslog and Remote Firmware Upgrades
WAN 1 x 10/100 BaseT, Auto-Negotiation
LAN 1 x 10/100 BasetT, Auto-Negotiation
LED Indicators
Power, LAN, WAN & WLAN
Temperature Range
-40 ~ 70°C(Operating), -40~80°C (Storing)
Max. 95% Non-condensing
Emission Control FCC Part 15 and CE


Apro-8110 Outdoor WiFi Mesh Metropolitan Network can be deployed for

  • Inter Building Connection WiFi Network
  • University Campus Network
  • Hospital Network
  • Security Monitoring Network
  • WiFi City & WiFi Township
  • Localized Intra Network restricted zone
  • Wireless Local Loop for VoIP and DataCommunication

Figure 1 – Network Architecture

Example of Apro-8110 WiFi Indoor Mesh Network Deployment Scenario and Applications

Figure 2 – Typical WiFi Mesh Deployment Scenario

Example of Apro-8110 Network Management Suite

Figure 3 – Network Management Suite

Standard Accessories

How it works Summary:

1)It is dual-radio unit, AP + Backhaul. The key word for WiFi Mesh is the 'management software' in the unit, it will do 'best route selection' for each unit to find the best way to connect to the WAN or ISP servers;

There are 4 models in the series:

APRO-8110H : 400mW, Gateway (with WAN port);
APRO-8110HR : 400mW, Relay (with LAN port)
APRO-8110M : 100mW, Gateway (with WAN port);
APRO-8110MR : 100mW, Relay (with LAN port)

Mesh deployment scenario:

5GHz (or other frequency) as backhaul for connecting 'nodes' and 'cells';

2.4GHz as AP for broadcasting to local area users;

2)the Backhaul and AP are flexibly programmable by the user, it can be backhaul+ backhaul; or AP + AP; or backhaul + AP; with in-built Mesh software;

3)it is suitable for metropolitan areas, city ISP, campus hotspot, hotelhotspot, efficiently handling LOS issue across multiple cells, gateway + relay, with automatic best route selection.

4)Mesh solution : Gateway + Relay forming up an automatic mesh network in metropolitan area!!

5)for city hot-spot in the populated metropolitan areas: the mesh unit is right option, the tentative coverage of each cell is 100m~500m, relay or gateway;

6)A client only has to open their laptop, they are connected on the open system but redirected to a log-in page where they use an existing username and password, or simply buy time on their credit card or pre paid card purchased at a local store.

Who can benefit from WiFi Mesh-Networking? Telco’s,Internet Service Providers (ISPs), City & Metropolitan WISPs and Transport Operators, Island Tourist-Gateway and other service-providers where majority of visitors has need to accesswireless internet anywhere in your area of jurisdiction.

Government Institutions, regulatory bodies and corporate enterprise can also benefit thru adoption of WiFi Mesh-Network to enable travelling employees and those always on the field – to connect to theirWAN.