Basic WISP

Wireless Internet - Basic WISP Pilot Project Proposal
Wireless Internet- Basic WISP

Simplest Broadband Wi-Fi Network
60km diameter covered (2826km Sq)
clients near tower can use existing retail Wi-Fi products or the Wi-Fi built into their lap top computers
Note: The range is limited by the retail product;s transmission power (typically 1000m).
remote clients use small xlin-zigwire fixed antenna
serves 125 simltaneous client connections per AP
serves maximum 30km radius (depends on terrain)
can be up and running within 10 days (even sooner when using an existing tower)
Access Point-WL-2410GM

Base Station Access Point
Internet Access Point Server
IEEE 802.11g compliant

True Outdoor Unit (Weather-proof, -35c ~ 70c )
POE design, least gain lost, highest efficientwith reliability, 13Mbps @ 10Km.
4 operating modes: AP, AP with bridge,wireless client, repeater
Advanced network security with 64/128/152 bitWEP, WPA, WPA-PSK
5 levels of transmit power adjustment
Indication of ‘connection status’ for antenna alignment
Client Access Point Tranponder

Client Access Point Transponder
Up to 4km from Base AP

802.11g, 54Mbps
Plastic outdoor unit, water-proof, operating under -15C ~ 65C
Least gain loss of antennas, highest transmission efficiency
Data rate & sensitivity Indication for antenna alignment
POE (Power over Ethernet) design, highest stability.


Above is a sample network design for a basic WISP -Wireless Internet Service using either retail (commercially available) Wi-Fi Network device such as WLAN adapter from distance of 0-200m from the AP. At this radius,cost of client-device is low-cost or free, for instance, using built-in laptop WLAN adapter or PCMCIA card.

From a distance of 300-900m, client may use wireless devicesuch as AID-2401sq our ultra long-range indoor WLAN

A fixed outdoor wireless CPE also known as client Access Point transponders such as ASU-24005G is ideal for a distance of 1-5km from the AP base station.

At a distance up to 20Km, our AMU-2405g SMA , an enhanced version of ASU-24005G is the best and cost-effective CPE.

At a distance up to 30Km, our WL-2410gm on client-mode shall be sufficent to serve as wireless internet client-device to serve people in remote areas not otherwise reached by regular WISP broadcast.

At the heart of this, the AP Base Station is our WL-2410gm on Access Point mode.

Basic WISP, Wireless Internet