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Long-Range WLAN 2410GMLong Range Wireless Communication products refer to, but is not limited to, Long Range Wireless Phone Extender (LRWPE), Long Range Wireless LAN (LRWLAN also known as WiFi) and Long-Range Wireless Surveillance(LRWS).

In this age of 3G and WiMax applications, LRWPE and LRWLAN are poised to stay as indispensable gadget for rural remote areas. The reason is that, 3G and WiMaxwon’t be massively available yet and if ever, the cost-consideration to bring them in remote areas is huge.

Whereas, LRWPE and LRWLAN are cheap but cost-effective options. LRWLAN (WiFi) are seen as the sensible last-mile for WISP and will work to compliment WiMax. Wimax will answer for backhauling while LRWLAN will take care of mesh-networking, last-mile or as customer-premise-equipment (CPE). Range will reach as much as 50 Km.

WiFi Market

Long-Range Wireless LAN Platform

Long Range WLAN or Long Range WiFi is ideal for Hotspot, WISP, Company LAN Expansion and Security Surveillance. The beauty with Long-Range WiFi is its universal compatibility with WiFi-enabled gadgets/equipment. It is robust, reliable and most of all, cost less-than a fraction of a cost of proprietary and high-end wireless products. LRWLAN is perfect as start-up WISPsolution in remote areas. See below solutions and application scenario using Long-Range Wireless LAN.

Solutions & Scenario Using WiFi Long Range WLAN Platform

WLAN / Wi-Fi Solutions

Power inverter for heavy-duty power supply back up
High-speed powerline Ethernet networking
On-line sign-in credit card billing solution
* Mesh Solution
* Wireless ISP Solution

* TV over WLAN
* Hotel Hot-spot
* Campus Hot-spot
* Long Range Wireless Surveillance
* Corporation LAN Expansion Solution
* City Zone Hot-spot



Type / Level



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Elementary application

Extending internet service

Expanding LAN network

Senior application

Game Network Application

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Extend telephone service (VOIP)

Long RangeWireless Phone

long-range wireless phone extenderOur Long Range Wireless Phone (LRWP) Extenders – also called as Long-Range Cordless Phone is ideal for extending a telephone line or connection to a remote area where PSTN or cellular-mobile phone service is not available. The quality, reliability and performance is almost telco-grade. You just cannot compare them to China-made cheap gadgets found elsewhere on the net. Some LRWP has a range of 200 Km on flat terrain. Hotware-Xlin LC models are capable of extending a phone line up to 200 km plus internet dial-up capability.

Not only that, combining them with Long-Range WiFi Solutions will bring complete wireless voice and data connectivity. See below some application/solution tips.

Solutions Using Long Range Wireless Telecom Solution

Telecom Solutions

* Wireless P-2-P VOIP Hotline (Rural Telephony)
* Wireless E1/T1 Telecom Solution
* Long Distance Rural Central Office
* Long Distance Rural Call Cabin

Application Scenarios


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Elementary application

Extending phone service to Rural

Extending phone service to Car

Extended application

Rural Central Office

Least cost route for branches

Least cost route for international call

Rural public phone service


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Private cell phone application

Long range wireless PABX

Regional service center application

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