Application Scenario
Long-Range Wireless Phone Scenario 1


Elementary Application :


Extending telephone service from city to far rural area

You can extend a regular PSTN or dialtone to any remote area using P2P long-range wireless phone extender. Very ideal for far isolated areas such as farms, mines, villages or construction sites.


Extending telephone service from house to car

Base unit in the user’s house, telephone line goes in the Base unit which is paralleled with a Single Line Phone (SLT, i.e. normal phone); Remote unit in the user’s car; so when the user in house, he can use the SLT, and when he is driving in car, he can answer a call or make a call through LC-01 wirelessly. The radio coverage will be 20Km~200Km depending on the model and terrain.




Extended Application :


Rural Central Office : Rural Telephone Service Operator / Provider

Base Unit sits in City area to connect to the telephone line.

Remote Unit sits in far distant area. The city telephone line is wirelessly delivered from city Base Unit to Remote unit by radio. Telephone line outputs from Remote unit and goes into PABX.

PABX (telephone switching system) here is performing as the rural Central Office (PSTN), the dweller in the far rural village can be connected through PABX extension port with a phone in his house and be the rural telephone service subscriber.

Resident, the subscriber, can do intercom with other local residents and make outgoing calls through LC-01 to city to link with the world.

The rural telephone service supplier/operator can utilize an auto-attendant for better service and a Billing system to get the phone bill for its subscribers automatically.


Least Cost Route for Branches

Base Unit sits in Headquarter to connect to the telephone line.

Remote Unit sits in branch office. The city telephone line is wirelessly delivered from headquarter Base Unit to branch Remote unit by radio.

Free cost for communication between branch and headquarter. It will be an extremely free communication among the offices as they are under the same telephone system.

Headquarter can optionally combine usage with PABX/KTS, auto attendant, voicemail…. and other service equipments to perform a complete phone network(telephone system).


Least Cost Route for International Calls

Base unit in country with lower PTT cost. Enjoy the low cost of local calls and international calls of such country.PABX, voice mail and …. other devices can be optionally applied for best services.

Remote unit in country of higher PTT cost. PABX, voice mail and …. other devices can be optionally applied for best services.

Free cost for communication between the two countries. Least cost for international calls to other countries in the world by utilizing the lower international call cost in the country with lower PTT service cost.


Rural Public Phone ( Call Cabin ) Service

Base unit in city area. Telephone line : IN

Remote unit in far isolated areas: island, farm, mine,village; high mountain… far rural area as the Telecom service center for phone and fax service.

The call and fax charge can be automatically and precisely given by metering, polarity reverse, or by in-built time-based call accounting manager; free choices for the service operator.