Long-Range Wireless LAN

Long-Range Wireless LAN
How To Leverage On The Use of Cost-Effective
Outdoor Long Range Wireless Networking Solutions
To Delivering High-Speed, Broadband Connectivity

No internet access?  If you're looking to start your own Rural Internet or Municipal Wireless Internet Business, our Products are Cost-Effective Broadband and Telecom Solution ideal for long-range deployment.  

Are you looking for ways to connect to the internet?  
Install security surveillance cameras? Automate you business?
Deploy a community wireless internet hotspot?


Chances are, you are a looking for a solution. In this world of increasing reliance on the internet, delivering broadband high-speed internet access is indeed a big challenge. Especially if you're situated in areas with limited telecommunication facilities.

Chances are, you are a business owner and/or ICT-planner wanting to expand your existing   local area-network.   Chances are, you are an executive of a municipal/town with a vision of modernization thru linkage and networking of offices and sub-units for efficient operation; with plan to implement on-line security monitoring.  

Of course, you need to connect your town to a public network known as the "internet" for accessing valuable-information over the web.

Chances are, you are a systems integrator, hobbyist
and wireless enthusiast looking for long-range wireless solution. 
Or an entrepreneur shopping for "cost-effective" WISP equipment kit.

Are you looking for a new niche business market?  Have you consider the demand in remote areas for high-speed wireless internet, wireless remote access, long-range security surveillance and other solutions needed by remote households, ranchers, farmers, villagers, mining companies, telecentres and businesses-enterprise for company LAN expansion?

Long Range Wireless LAN

We offer cost-effective wireless communication solution to get your job done effectively.  Learn how to deploy your own indoor and outdoor network,  telecom solution, wireless internet business system and service. 

We make it easy for you to launch your own wireless system.
Our startup solution is easy to deploy.  

The word “cost-effective” means profitable; representing a return on investment of more than the cost.   An idea, an answer, a service or product designed to solve a particular requirement or need, problem or situation whose benefits, advantages far outweights the cost of acquiring the service/product.  

A “cost-effective solution” should be able to help an organization derive savings plus tangible and intangible benefits such as improving business efficiency, productivity and profits.

WiFi City

Let us offer you what we consider as the cost-effective solutions to your wireless implementation requirements.  XLIN long range wireless product & solutions are designed to serve diverse wireless application requirements and at a fraction of a cost of high-end products.

Our products are widely used worldwide with great success helping private, public and government institutions attained a certain level of connectivity.

Our long range wireless LANs are:

  • True outdoor unit, solid and weather-proof, operating at -35c ~ 70c (-95f ~ 158f)
  • Shortest antenna cable, least antenna gain loss, highest performance and efficiency
  • Power over Ethernet (POE) design supports best reliability and performance
  • 2.3/2.4/2.5/3.4/3.5/5~5.8GHz broadest RF options to meet all kind of scenario, least interference and best immunity
  • Wi-Fi AP/Client/Repeater/Bridge full operating options to meet all kind of usage and application demand
  • 700/900MHz WiFi for non-LOS applications
  • WiMAX backhaul
  • New MESH innovation for serving laptop users
  • Budget Buster series : indoor USB cost for outdoor long range application !!

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New Release:


Long Range Outdoor USB-CPE
Budget Buster
802.11n/g/b, 1-watt
(EIRP radiation output 37dBm/6-watt)
(antenna optional with N-female connector)
(with 7-dbi antenna)

  • Complies IEEE 802.11 N/G/B standard
  • IP67 enclosure for outdoor use : survive 27~131°F (-3 ~55°C)
  • Dual-chip design : RealTek 3070L + 1-watt output chip; low temp., better isolation, big power
  • Support 150 Mbps data rate
  • High output power : 1-watt immediate radio RF output;
  • High EIRP radiation power with 7-dbi antenna: 30dBm + 7dbi = 37dBm/6-watt
  • Omni-directional design for better non-LOS ability and alignment-free over 1~3Km
  • Complies with Universal Serial Bus Rev. 1.0, 1.1 and 2.0 specifications and UPnP
  • Support 64/128-bit WEP encryption, advanced WPA/WPA2 AES/TKIP and WPS security
  • Support 20/40 MHz Bandwidth in AP mode
  • SoftAP function : to create AP function with PC + indoor AP for sharing/serving indoor users
  • Low power consumption (USB) with advanced power management
  • Support driver for Windows 2000, XP 32/64 and Vista 32/64, Apple Mac and Linux
  • Support auto-installation and diagnostic utilities
  • Mesh-Smart


2.4GHz, 802.11b/g, single radio MESH solution
2 x SSID, Time Division

mesh smart mesh smart
MESH-100 (100mW) MESH-500 (500mW)
Feature Highlights
  • Cost-effective smart innovation on MESH solution
  • Single radio, 2 x SSID, time division for backhaul & AP operations simultaneously
  • Easy & smart deploying for mobile applications, outdoor and indoor applications: city area, community, campus, park, camp, hotel, mall, condo, offices
  • Auto Connection for Better Signal Route
  • Auto redundancy basing on auto best route connection
  • True weather proof for outdoor and indoor application
  • WMM option: Enhance user performance and density QoS, supporting bandwidth priority to voice (VOIP) and image (surveillance/IPTV)
  • Easy to Configure by @MESH AP Manager
  • Operation Range:
    MESH-100: 250m
    MESH-500: 500m

Long-Range Wireless LAN


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New 2009 Release:

High-Power AP: APRO-2408G

High-Power AP: APRO-2408G


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