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We, Hotware International Co., Ltd., hereby certify our Warranty Policy as follows:

1) Warranty: 12 months

12 months after the delivery date (based on Air way bill or Bill of laden). Damage caused by lightening strike is not covered by Warranty.

2) Warranty on Dead on Arrival (DOA)

For case of DOA (dead on arrival), Hotware will take full responsibility and bear all cost to recall the units. After verifying the DOA event, we will replace with new ones fully on our cost. However, if prove that the units are not the DOA; instead, either damaged by human error or functionality tested Okay; the cost rendered thereby will be charged.

3) Returning Procedure (RMA):

3-1> Get an Event No.: a report contains: model no., serial number, mal-functional symptom, or the DOA, quantity., delivery date;

3-2> Event No. and shipping instruction granted: please follow our shipping instructions;

3-3> Our report on damage verification and repairing will be issued with the bill (if any) as per the general principle as Point 1.

4) Spare part: at least 3 years

Parts will be continuously supplied for 3 years after the model is phased out.

Hotware International Co., Ltd.


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