WISP Business
Total Solution Licensed Program

WISP Business Total Solution Licensed Program

There is a big demand to fill a hole in many telecommunication models around the world. It is a global problem, one not specific to any particular region. It hinders not only the individual unable to access Internet Services, but also an entire country being seriously compromised by the lack of infrastructure in place to support solid, reliable networking thus, missing out on an industry worth billions create a very lucrative business opportunities.

We are a company engaged in offering cost-effective Long-Range Wireless LAN (WiFi) for WISP-Hotspot operation. We also recognized that future of wireless network communication and Internet related Services is upon us. Recent technological advances provided an opportunity for us to develop a comprehensive aggressive global strategy which open the door to telecom and ISP market for many newcomers, investors and entrepreneurs.

WISP Business Technology Overview

Sectorized APHotware-Zigwire wireless Network is based on WiFi protocols, utilizing not licensed frequency 2,4-5,8 GHz and Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g standards .

Hotware-Zigwire wireless network design is a cost-effective system thatelegantly and gracefully handled the major complexities of deploying Radio frequencies(RF) solutions, Network Management System with the latest innovations in Commercial Internet Over the Power technology and switchers.

Broadband Wireless is the backbone of our Network. This is the process of providing High Speed Internet access via radio frequencies. Our transmitters send signals over designated frequencies and can supply High Speed Internet access to our customers in a high burst of speed, eliminating reliance on the costly infrastructure of phone lines, cable lines or T-1 lines.

This technology permits us to converge products and services including broadband WLAN for High-Speed Internet, VOIP (Voiceover Internet Protocol), Mobile VOIP, Video Security, Personal Computing Devices, IPTV, On Demand Movies and other entertainment products.

We have developed a strategy providing WISP-Business Metro Broadband Wireless Mesh Platform thatcan be used for city traffic control, data processing of Utilities Company [ power and water meter reporting], surveillance, education and for many other civil applications.

Hotware& Zigwire Total Solution: Establishment of a WISP Business -Pilot Project

Hotware & Zigwire is a strategic alliance of two leading ISP Design and manufacturing company for a new generation Broadband Wireless Mesh Network with global focus.

Our company manufacturers and carries state of the art WiFi hardware and network billing, accounting and operations infrastructure software which enables us to provide our customer base with innovative and cost effective products and services, including, but not necessarily limited to, High Speed Internet, VOIP (local and PSTN long distance termination worldwide), Business and Residential customer premise equipment (Telephones, IPTV (Home Entertainment and PPV), IP Mobile phones, PDA's (handheld personal computing devices), all supported by 24/7 subscriber service and technical support.

WiFi City

Worldwide, more than 100 local governments, non-profit organizations, and cooperatives are deploying wireless broadband technology in their communities. We expect more to follow in coming years. In many cases, governments enter into partnerships with private companies to provide coverage where incumbents telcos have not done so to connect underserved residential and business area, municipal utilities, public transportation and public-safety agencies to the Internet, and more.

With our equipment and solutions you as an investor or entrepreneur can successfully build very profitable outdoor-ready, meshed WiFi networks and enjoy opportunities to help local communities and governments achieve their broadband goals. The idea is to offer a converged type of wireless voice, data, video and internet services using cost-effective WiFi-based, Long-Range Wireless LAN technologies which is fit for developing countries and offers big and fast return on investment.

Total Licensed Solution Program: One-Stop Shop Solution & Design ofWISP-Business

Today we are looking for active investors worldwide to develop territories and who has the resources to avail our Total Licensed Solution.

We can provide you end-to-end and all-in-one solution to setting up your profitable WISP pilot-project. By availing our total licensed solution, you are taking away the hassle and headaches of start-up as our package comes replete with reliable and quality equipment hardware, software, design, set-up, management and customer-support functions.

Fixed outdoor Broadband access for WISP-Business

ISP's losing market share to competing broadband services need a solution now. Our Hotware-Zigwire WISP-Business system is a turn-keysolution that can be deployed from start to finish in a matter of weeks. This solution utilizes a micro-cell technology that requires CPE's installed at the customer premise. A typical customer installation takes between 1 and 1.5 hours.

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WISP In Columbia WISP Base Station Long-Range

Municipal Broadband access- WISP-Business Model

Municipal broadband access is accomplished with MESH deployment which utilizes light pole or utility pole structures. The system has numerous advantages over mesh solutions because of increased frequency re-use and increased channel flexibility. The system is also capable of utilizing the 4.9GHz public safety band and the new 5.5GHz band. This system does not require customer CPE installations as laptops and other WiFi devices can access the network directly. The MESH system is deployed at a density of approximately 50 repeaters per square mile.

Municipal Wi-Fi Mesh Design