85Mbps High-speed Powerline Networking
Ethernet Bridge


High-speedPowerline Networking
85Mbps Ethernet Bridge

85Mbps, up to200m, 16 points Power plugoptions available
  • High-Speed Powerlineadapter with Ethernet interface for fast data transfer over theexisting household power supply
  • The high-speed transferrates of 85Mbps even make it possible to transmit video in DVD quality
  • No need new wires anduse at any power socket with up to ranges of 200 meters
  • Simple plug and easy toinstall: just plug into power socket then play!
  • Fully compliant withIEEE 802.3 / 802.3u and HomePlug 1.0 / Turbo Standard
  • Provide 56-bit DES linkencryption for Powerline networks
  • Up to 85Mbps data rateon Powerline networking
  • Allow user to connectPCs and other devices conveniently via any power outlet at home
  • Support PtP and PtMP(up to 16 points)
  • IEEE 802.3 / 802.3u Ethernet Standards
  • HomePlug 1.0 / Turbo Standard
Frequency Band
4.3MHz ~ 20.9MHz
  • Prioritized random access, contention-freeaccess and segment bursting
  • CSMA/CA with prioritization and ARQ forreliable delivery of Ethernet packets via Packet Encapsulation
One 10/100Mbps Auto Cross-over Ethernet,RJ45
  • OFDM (Orthogonal Frequency DivisionMultiplexing) with patented signalprocessing techniques for high data reliability in noisy mediaconditions
  • Supports QAM 256/64/16, DQPSK, DBPSK and ROBOmodulation schemes
56 bits DES link encryption
Operating Range
Ranges of 200 meters
Data Rate
Up to Turbo 85Mbps high speeds!
LED Indicators
3 LEDs for powerline networking status,power Ethernet activity
32~122°F (0 ~50°C)
Max. 95% (Non-Condensing)
Regulatory Approval FCC, CE, RoHS