WiFi Access Point

The field of communication is the fastest growingfield in science and technology. The advancement in wirelesscommunication was started in 1901 with development of wirelesstelegraph using Morse code. Wireless networks have many uses, people onthe road now can send messages, data, mail, files etc from anywhere inthe world. With advancement in the internet technology in the 1980'sthere is an ever increasing interest in wireless networking.

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Anetwork is a group of connected communicating devices such as computer.An internet is a collaboration of more than hundreds of thousandsinterconnected networks. Private individuals as well as variousorganizations such as government agencies, schools, researchfacilities, corporations and libraries in more than 100 countries usethe internet.

The internet has revolutionized many aspects of ourdaily lives. It has affected the way we do business as well as the waywe spend our leisure time. Count the ways you've used the internetrecently. Perhaps you've sent electronic mail (e-mail) to a businessassociate, paid a utility bill, read newspaper from a distant city, orlooked up a local movie schedule- all by using the internet. Or maybeyou researched a medical topic, booked a hotel reservation, chattedwith a fellow Trekkie, or comparison-shopped for car. The internet is acommunication system that has brought a wealth of information you orfingertips and organized it for our use. A new technology known as wifiwhich stands for wireless fidelity was developed which enables theusers to transmit data at a fast rate. The whole concept of wifi isbased on access points.

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Access points.

An access point can be thought as a hardware device or asoftware which establishes a wireless communication.this access point gets connected to wired local area network such asDSL, cables. Any two systems which are wifi enabled can thus connectwithout the need of physical connection. It improves the mobility ifthe nodes.

The access point also allows the user to have a fasterconnection by providing better bandwidth. Now it is possible for a userto watch movies, download software and play multiplayer games all atthe same time, this is all made possible by wifi connection whichprovides a superior bandwidth over existing networks.

In order toutilize a wifi network to its maximum we should properly understand thebasics of it. We should understand the meaning of access points andshould know how to install and implement them. As there are numerousbenefits of these wifi networks,

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