Planning and Building a Turnkey
Broadband Wireless Internet Service Provider Solution

Steps Needed to Plan and Build a Turnkey Broadband Wireless Internet Service Provider Solution ISP

Regardless of what consultant or system integrator you are using to build your system, they should include the following check list of procedures to provide a solid foundation for your wireless network's architecture. These steps should be taken whether it consists of one outdoor Wi-Fi Hotspot serving 50 customers or a huge municipal MESH network serving many square miles of a city and hundreds of thousands of customers.

Hotware-Zigwire WiFi Mesh

Hotware-Zigwire Solution Preliminary Design and RiskApplication Site Evaluation Contract should be considered to fully evaluate the application in question. Each wireless network should require the following list of activities be performed before, during and after a network is constructed:

Physical Site Survey
A physical site survey involves driving around in potential coverage areas and scanning the buildings, water towers, grain silos and other tall structures for existing wireless antennas. This step will give you a good idea of where existing wireless equipment is located and what slice of wireless spectrum they are using to deliver service. It should also give you a list of potential sites to be considered for building out your own wireless antenna cell sites.

HQ –NOC Center Location
Hotware-Zigwire NOC design team will design a system for the approved safe location approved by the Security Division. Our design team is made up of senior IT employees who worked and designed the 3 largest ISP in Canada.

Wireless Site Survey
Once you have eliminated cell sites with existing wireless equipment and found several potential spots with good elevated positions near large groups of customers, it is time to conduct a wireless site survey with a spectrum analyzer to see what levels of radio noise are in the area. Sites should be scanned for 900MHz, 2.4GHz and 5GHz. If new public frequencies are available, these should be scanned as well. In addition to raw frequencies, WiMAX coverage for future deployment if feasible you should scan for polarization. The noise levels on vertical polarization might be very saturated, while horizontal polarization might be completely open.

Planning Wireless Cell Sites
Other decisions that need to be made are how big will your cell coverage areas need to be and how many simultaneous customers should be allowed to logon to the network at the same time per AP device, Hotware-Zigwire devices are based on 125 clients per AP and 225 for each MESH device. . Planning also requires that WISPs contact potential site owners to see what type of requirements need to be met before equipment can be installed such as wind and insurance.

Security Assessment
Hotware-Zigwire security assessment team is made of qualified senior technicians. This service provides a detailed service manual required to obtain a ISP rating for commercial services such as banks and other sensitive intuitions. A employee hiring and screening process is also covered to insure proper procedures in email server authorizations by personal, email tap procedures required by international agencies for terror threats. Internal password authorization allocation for management systems and servers, VOIP wire tap procedures and warrant handling , HQ site evaluation for safety, redundancy for email servers (3 months) . Construction phase and personal safety in foreign countries and locations along with material storage safety during construction.

Contracting Space on Existing Cell Towers
If large cell towers are already built and have space available for your equipment, you should check on the pricing. In most cases, cell phone towers will be too expensive for beginner Wireless ISPs, but it is worth a couple of phone calls to check it out. Assessing Broadband Demand in Target Coverage Area Once you have selected your wireless cell sites, preferably near large groups of potential customers, you should verify broadband demand exists before making capital investments. This is where the 5GHz backhauls will be used to the HQ center containing the Fibre and Management systems.

Before building out a 1000 home neighbourhood, conduct a door-hanger marketing campaign that tells potential customers that if 100 customers sign up for service, your company will have enough business to build a wireless broadband network. You might even offer a discount to the first 100 customers that sign up.

Make sure you provide a way to sign up for service, such as a phone number, website site or email address. If you get 200 responses, you are sitting on a gold mine. If you get one phone call, you should think twice.

Building a Business Plan
If you get a good customer response to your survey, you are ready to put all of your facts and figures into a written business plan. The plan should cover cell sizes, customer penetration goals, marketing costs, equipment costs and personnel costs related the construction and daily operations of the network.

Building a Marketing Plan
Most people don't plan properly for the marketing portion of their business model. You should always plan on doing advertising , direct mail, and public relations campaigns to make sure customers are aware that high-speed Internet service is available in their area.

Wireless Training for Proper Engineering Principles
Before attempting to build a wireless network, Hotware-Zigwire suggests staff to take some training classes ..

Planning for Proactive Network Management
Making sure that your network is available to all customers at all times is mission critical. Before selling service, Hotware-Zigwire Management systems are pre tested, Hotware-Zigwire project management team provide a stress test it to make sure that everything is working properly. Once the network is operational, the system provides proactive 24x7 network management that continually scans the system for equipment that is becoming congested or has failed completely. Our system always tries to stay one step ahead of the customer.If there is a problem, be prepared to let customers know why and when the network will be up and running. Our redirect screens allow for instant information to clients via internet if there is a international connection problem , and thus saves on call center activity.

Planning for Superior Customer Technical Support
On the customer's side of the network, have trained technical support people waiting solve their problems as quickly as possible. Remember, once you touch a user's computer, they will always assume that your network is what caused it to crash. Make sure that you have clear documentation that shows where your network support ends and where they can go to get
support for their computer and software applications.

Advanced Wireless ISP Training Workshop
Advanced Workshops are two-day classes that cover the same text book and class binder notes, but also add very important real world, hand-on training and exercises that teach you many important steps and processes for performing WISP installations correctly the first time.

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