Data Cables, Lightning Suppression,
Tower Structures and Building ISP

Data Cables, Lightning Suppression, Tower Structures and Other Equipment Needed to Build a WISP

In addition to the wireless bridge and antenna, there are a few more items required to make a functional wireless network connections. In the course of specifying a system, some are easy to overlook. Below Hotware-Zigwire Fighter CPE with built in lighting protection.

AMU-2405g with SMA for Yagi Antenna

Wireless EquipmentFeature Sets

Feature Sets. Some manufacturers sell their wireless bridges in separate units. In such instances, the physical radio/bridge unit has a base cost. Software features, such as individual protocol routing and encryption, are sold as a separate unit. However, Hotware-Zigwire units are a Total Solution Design and have complete assembly..

Coaxial Cabling Systems

External Cables. For all wireless installations there must be a cable which connects the antenna to the radio in the wireless bridge. All Hotware-Zigwire Solution devices are outdoor rated and have operating temperatures from -35C to 70C , thus we keep the cable length to 1 Meter between Antenna and Device.

Power over Ethernet Cabling.

Hotware-Zigwire Solution uses power over Ethernet which cancarry both power and a Ethernet signal to the radio and antenna. This option will save you a lot of money on buying long runs of coaxial cable and isn't as susceptible to signal loss on long cable runs as are other manufactures..

Internal Data Cables.
A network data cable is required to connect the wireless bridge to your internal network (to a hub, switch, or repeater). This cable is generally the responsibility of the individual entity. If the wireless bridge is a significant distance from the network equipment, installation of this cable may require a cable installer. In this case, be sure to discuss the cable run with your wireless installer when the system is being specified.

Lightning Suppression Systems

Lightning Arrestor. Since external antennas are involved, the threat of a lightning strike can be very real. Make sure that proper measures are implemented to minimize the risk of lightning strikes. Hotware-Zigwire Solution include an optional device called a lightning arrestor. It is normally installed between the antenna and the bridge. Also make sure the antenna is properly grounded.

Mast Poles or Cell Towers for Wireless Antennas

Mast or Tower. When it is not possible to obtain a clear line-of-sight between the two antennas involved in a wireless connection, a mast or radio tower may provide additional height for the antenna, clearing obstacles such as trees or buildings which lie in the path of the radio signal. Masts are generally mounted on the roof and may be 10-50 feet in height. If a mast is used in your implementation, be sure it is tied down properly to minimize the risk of wind damage Radio towers are generally independent structures erected to raise antennas when extended distances are desired. They may also be required when tall buildings (larger than three stories) or topographical features lie directly in the path of the radio signal between two antennas.

Towers can be erected at heights of 50 feet and higher. Obviously, depending on the application, the cost of erecting tall towers can be prohibitive.

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