Long- Range WLAN
Point-to-Point Application

Long Range WLAN basic or elementary application is point-to-point broadband communication. A Long Range WLAN to very cost-effective in extending (point-to-point) a telephone line, an ADSL connection or a Cable Internet or Cable TV to a distance of as much as 30Km.

In the illustration scenario below:

There are 3 routes for accessing internet:

a. Telephone line: dial-up

b. Broad band: ADSL

c. Broad band: Cable TV

At the Master unit side, the user may use a ROUTER to automatically route the internet via phone modem, ADSL modem or Cable modem; or if the user has only either one route, then he just simply get the line into WLAN Master unit directly.

At the Slave unit side, if there are more than one PC in use, the user can use a HUB for the PCs to share the extended internet route.