Long Range WLAN Application:
Rural Telephony Application

Long Range WLAN combined with a voice (VoIP) gateway is all you need to be able to deploy multiple telephone lines to a remote area. Long Range WLAN will be able to deliver simultaneous voice (telephony) and data (internet) communication in areas with limited broadband facilities.

See illustration below:

FXO voice gateway serves to convert PSTN to VOIP for transmission while FXS voice gateway to convert VOIP for PABX or normal phones; i.e., the PSTN line is connected to FXO in local site (with master unit) while FXS is in remote site (with slave unit) and connected to PABX or normal phone (SLT).

FXO and FXS voice gateway, 4 ports each unit, can be cascaded to serve the actual capacity demand. Theoretically there will be no limitation for FXO/FXS, but the more FXO/FXS in use, the poor voice quality it is. Anyway, the max. transmission Speed is 11MBps, accordingly the practical max. number in terms of well acceptable voice quality of FXO/FXS for each set of WL-2401 is 8 each FXO and FXS, i.e. 32 lines are delivered at one time. Normal desk phone, cordless phone and FAX are all available for FXS.

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