Improving Your Wireless Network

Wireless Network Improvement

The convenience of remaining constantly connected toyour business, family and friends on the Internet has revolutionizedour lifestyle. The flexibility offered by devices like laptops anddesktops can be enhanced considerably by connecting them in a wirelessnetwork. The network becomes more effective if you can extend its range.

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How Is Wireless Communication Accomplished: Wireless notebooksuse three major wireless data standards in order to transfer data.

• Wi-Fi or 802.11b or wireless fidelity transfers datawirelessly at amaximum rate of 11Mbps up to a distance of 150 feet. It uses the 2.4GHzradio spectrum and has three channels. These are enough bandwidth forhigh speed Internet, gaming and most file transfers. A 802.11a or the‘A’ version of Wi-Fi, uses 5GHz radio spectrum, has8 channels. Itpermits larger file transfers, at a maximum of 54Mbps.
• Hybrid 802.11a/b/g is a tri-mode wireless system, capable of54Mbpsusing 2.4GHz spectrum and is compatible with 802.11b devices. FujitsuLifebook N6010 has this tri-mode wireless system.
• 3G EV-DO or Verizon Wireless is truly futuristic wirelessInternet,devoid of any lines or cables and can be used anywhere in the world. Ithas a download speed of 400 to 700 kbps and bursts up to 2Mbps.

•Any computer can be made wireless by using a wireless router and awireless adaptor. Some notebooks and computers have Bluetooth module,to establish wireless communication with cell phones or other computersor stereos or headphones.

Security Safeguards: Safeguardsneed to be taken to prevent unwanted access to your wireless network,whether in home, offices, airports or hotels. The two basic securitymethods are:

• The MAC (Media Access Control) is a unique hardwareidentifier givento each device in the network. You have to manually enter a list ofaddresses that can access your wireless network.
• The WEP (Wireless Encryption Protocol) requires shared keybetweenusers to encrypt and de-encrypt data that is transmitted between yournetwork users.

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Tips for improving your Wireless Network:

• Place the router in a central location of home/office, offfloor, away from walls and metal objects.
• Replace router antenna by upgrading to a hi-gain antennathat focuses the wireless signals in direction you need mo st.
• Replace the computer’s wireless network adapterwith a USB networkadapter, which adds external hi-gain antenna to your computer forimproved range. Laptops with in-built antenna do not require change ofadapter.
• Add wireless repeater halfway between your wireless accessand computer to instantly boost signal strength.
• Change your wireless channel through router’sconfiguration page toimprove signal strength, as it will automatically detect new andclearer channel for the same.
• Reduce wireless interference by using a 5.8GHz cordlessphone or900MHz frequencies. Avoid 2.4GHz frequency electronics as they drownthe signal of your router.
• Update your firmware or network adapter driver to improvetheperformance and reliability of the adapter. Single vendors offer twicethe boost up on their own hardware e.g. D-Link has 108G enhancement.
• Upgrade 802.11a/b devices to 802.11g as they are five timesfaster.

There are many ways to upgrade your wireless network. It willmake your functioning easier and convenient.

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