DSL: Cost-Effective Internet Access Solution

Tech-Ware-Tips present DSL or Digital Subscriber Line, a cost-effective internet access solution for small biz and home-based internet business.

DSL is a broadband technology capable of delivering high-speed internet connection. Utilizing two-wire telephone cable to transmit voice and data traffic over a distance of 3Km or more from a Telco’s Central Office. If you have an existing telephone line all you have to do is subscribe to the service. DSL allows the simultaneous use of phone and internet on just one telephone line. DSL can be availed also as stand-alone service, no need to install a telephone. It’s cheap and reliable.

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For smallbiz or Home-Biz, secure an ADSL Service from a reliable ISP. Start no lower than 512Kbps as internet connection speed. Upload connection speed is important since DSL is a shared-internet service.

Try to remember that number of PCs and type of applications (e.g- VoIP Phone on top of internet use) will determine the appropriate DSL package.

To be safe, go for the DSL business package instead of a residential package. Choose an ISP that provides Static IP.

WhY DSL Broadband Internet is Cost-Effective Internet Access Solution

Tech-Ware-Tips in shopping for a DSL Service:

check-out ShopforDSL first to get the best, cost-effective rates in your local area.

ShopforDSL is an on-line tool or service that you can use to compare and then source best DSL rates in the U.S.

In countries outside of the U.S, tech-ware will try to look for on-line service-comparison. Try to check also local directories, find internet service-providers, dial and talk to a customer service representative.

Make a note and comparison of each ISP's package. Factor also the all-important aspect of after-sales and technical support.

Remember always, not all ISPs are equal.

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