E-Commerce Supporting Technologies:
Computer, Networking, Telecommunication, Internet Connectivity

E-Commerceas the word suggests means doing business on the internet or on-line.The scope of business may involve:

selling hard goods on-line such as a phone,computer or shoes

• electronic goods such as e-books, mp3music, software, graphics or pictures

• selling ideas or services

To sell the goods themerchant has to have a website or a virtual store on the internet forhim to sell the goods on line. A prospective customer finds that site,buys goods on it, pays owner using a credit card or via other mode.Merchant receives payment and deliver the goods and supports thecustomer. Practically, that’s e-commerce in its simplest sense.

In between those e-commercetransaction a lot technology are involve to complete the sale. Forinstance, the merchant has to design and build a website developedusing a complex programming language called HTML. Merchant has toregister a domain name in order to identity his business on theinternet. All information and products from his on-line store orbusiness are encoded and stored on the merchant’s computer server orhosted by a third-party web hosting company.

In order for the customer tofind the merchant’s site, he will need a computer that is in turnconnected to a system popularly known as the internet, for him to beable to visit the merchant’s site.

e-commerce, technologies, computer,networking, telecommunication, internet


The Personal Computer in relation toE-Commerce

APC or Personal Computer is a computing device or tool built around amicroprocessor.  It has lots of different parts -- memory, ahard disk, a modem, etc ..that work together. It is also called ageneral purpose equipment. General purpose means that you can do manydifferent things with a computer. You can use it to type documents,send e-mail, browse the Web and play games.On each own, the computercan be used to expedite the processing and storing of information suchas word processing. It can also be made to transmit and receiveinformation from other computers. These computers can talk and exchangeinformation from each other thru a common computer language orprotocol. The PC is the most valuable and core-technology needed todrive E-Commerce and Internet Business.

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Computer Network in relation toE-Commerce

Twoor several computers can be physically linked and made to communicatewith other computers with in a local network (LAN). The term use todescribe this interconnection is called networking. Networking ofcomputers can be made using either a wired (cable) or wireless (radio)type of connection. Usually, networking or the linking of computers issubject to the range or distance limitation because the signal andquality of communication will degrade as distance increases. Computer Networking is applied for most on-line internet business foran efficient and productive E-Commerce business.

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The Internet in relation to E-Commerce

Theinternet is a system that connects computer networks.  Thesystem of internet enables the interconnection of computers all overthe world. It allows your computer to get stored information from othercomputers far away. The protocol (TCP/IP) or language when computercommunicate in a network is similar to the one used on the internet.That is why computers around the world understand each other despitedifferent maker and place of manufacture. Lots of computers all overthe world are stored with lots and lots of information. The internetsystem hooked them together. If you have access to the Internet, youcan read, hear and view all this information from your owncomputer.  The Internet is all the reason behind the existenceof E-Commerce and without internet connectivity virtual on-linebusiness will totally cease to exist.

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Telecommunication in relation toE-Commerce

Adifferent type of technology is needed to transmit information from onecomputer to another over long distances. Telecommunication companiescome into the picture to service the requirement of connecting onecomputer network to another computer network using different kinds oftransmission technology.  Telecommunication is a broad term asit also covers not only data communication such as the internet butincludes voice telephony as well.  Telecommunication companiesare driving internet businesses to achieve internet connectivity.Without them one could never put their business on-line as only telecomcompanies are able to link networks over very vast geographicaldistances.

An Overview on Telecommunication inRelation to Internet Business

Connectivity in relation to E-Commerce

Connectivityis a broader term than networking.  Networking refers to thephysical (wired) or virtual (wireless) connection between computers.Connectivity refers to the state of being connected.  Forinstance, a computer can be sync to a phone, music player and otherdevices. Internet access or the state of being connected to theinternet information super-highway is a classic example ofconnectivity. Internet Connectivity is important both in urban andrural-remote regions of the world. Some regions are suffering from lackof telecommunication infrastructure thus internet access service isvery limited. In order to achieve internet connectivity, remotevillages either use satellite link, wireless radio systems andlong-range phone extenders. Some communities have establishedtelecentres which serve as a communication hub and outside link to therest of the world.  All forms of connectivity includinginternet connectivity are helping push the envelope of internetbusiness as a whole.

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Soyou've read about e-commerce overview and its supporting technologies.Try to imagine and picture out how e-commerce is being practice and howimportant are those technologies to making it possible.
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If you are planning to engagein e-commerce, internet business and internet marketing, familiarizeyouself first with those technologies and plan how are you going to getthe best deals on products (computer,devices,routers,WLAN radio, etc.)and services (internet access service, voice long-distance service, webhosting, web design tools, etc.)

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