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We have selected relevant computer networking tips to guide you. Computer networking knowledge is essential for start-up internet business.

Home-based workers sometimes consider buying an additional computer to accommodate members of the household with need to use the PC for downloading, games or school assignments. At times this contest really can disrupt work at home.

A viable solution would be to buy one or more additional PC and share internet connection via wired or wireless home network. This will solve the issue on the use of the computer. Internet and printer-sharing will however require you to set-up a small home network. In this way, all computer users will be able to access printer and the internet.

Peer-to-peer sharing is the most basic set-up wherein one PC could act as server and printer-host. You will need to install an additional LAN Card or Network Interface Card (NIC) on the host PC. Peer-to-Peer sharing is the type of connection you will use when sharing is only between two computers. The additional LAN Card when installed on the host-PC can take care of sharing the internet connection to other PC using Peer-to-Peer configuration.

The following gadgets are required when setting-up a home-network of more than two computers:

Router, Switch/Hub (if computer & devices is more than 6) and Ethernet (UTP) Cable

When using a DSL connection, the internet set-up and configuration will now be handled by the router instead of the old PC. Some DSL service provides ADSL Modem only with no router capability. In which case, you need to add a 4 or 6-port router for internet connection sharing. The logical path would be from the DSL modem to the router connected via a UTP/Ethernet Cable and finally down to the computers on the network. The IP Address provided by your internet service provider will now be installed on the router while all computers will be assigned a local IP range.

If your DSL provider is using Dynamic IP for its service, you’ll just have to choose “obtain IP automatically” on the drop-down menu on the router set-up page. Then set a range of local IP Addresses to be assigned for each particular computer on the network. Remember to enter the correct domain name of the provider.

Another computer networking tip:

Use a wireless router or a wireless access point in setting up your home-network. The installation process is simple and easy. You need to buy and install a standard wireless network interface card on the computers which serves as your wireless interface to the router.

You can buy a standard Wireless Fidelity (WiFi) gadget at your favorite computer dealer. WiFi is a set of approved standards for wireless communication. All WiFi-compliant products have compatibility and inter-operability with other WiFi products irregardless of maker.

Once you have set-up the wireless router or access point and all wireless internet cards your wireless network is up and running. Your computer network is ready. Plus you have advantage of working or moving your computer anywhere you want provided, it is with-in range from the wireless device.

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