Internet Connectivity Tips

Tech-Ware-Tips' Connectivity Tips for Startup Internet Business:

The time you spent on-line browsing the internet is precious. The quality of your connection is crucial to your work. A dial-up connection is the least of all option. Broadband high-speed access is the most ideal connectivity for an internet business.

Scout around and sign-up with the best ADSL service in your local area. Choose one with the best quality of service in terms of package (high-speed) and proven technical support. How fast can this provider restore the connection during down-time? A network downtime can never be avoided in any kind of network. But not all service-providers are equal when it comes to service-restoration.

A good Internet Service-Provider (ISP) maintains redundant link (spare link) in cases when the main link is down. All it has to do is re-route the connection to its redundant link thus restoring service in the quickest time possible. Sometimes, their ads will contains guarantee of quick service restoration. This is possible only if the provider adopts pro-active monitoring and maintenance of their network.

How would you determine if a connection problem is attributed to some in-house network connection or that of your internet service-provider?

There would be instances when your internet connection would go off-line. Suddenly your internet browser would display “page cannot be displayed”. Simply use the pinging function on your PC. Click start, run and type “ping” the IP depending on whom do you want to check. Enter the IP Address of the DNS of your service-provider to determine if you have link to its central server.

Pinging is a TCP/IP connectivity trouble-shooting tool. Pinging works by making your computer send packet or data to another computer and wait for a result. Pinging is also used to measure latency(in milliseconds). How long it took your ping to reach its destination.

In our problem, we ping to determine if the web and DNS server of the provider is on-line. An RTO means the server is down. All you have to do is inform your provider and wait for the restoration of service.

In case you receive a “reply from…” the pinged IP such as the DNS of your service-provider it means that your connection link is established and working. Concentrate your trouble-shooting on your local network.

If you’re using dial-up then you would know since the disconnected icon will appear.

For a LAN network, try to ping the router from your computer to determine if you have communication link to the router. If the reply is “request time out” it means the link to the router is broken meaning some cables must have gone loose or disconnected. Re-check all cable connection and/or the power of the wireless router or AP. Sometimes, the trick can be solved by re-setting the router. You can do this by simply turning-off the router and on again in 10 seconds.

Connectivity both from your ISP's and connectivity with computer peripherals and devices, telephone (land line & mobile) and other communication devices will result to a seamless and hassle-free connection thus promoting productivity on the work place.

Connectivity for start-up internet business should never become a problem for anyone on start-up mode. Focus should be on growing the business and not fighting to learn technology.

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