Private Branch Exchange

PBX or Private Branch Exchange - Key to Telecommunication Expense Savings


Use of Small Business Phone System is the key to reduce telecom expense. Get your business a cost-effective PBX phone system.  A phone system is an enormously imperative section of equipment and the center of any well running business organization.   


A business phone system is the key to businesses ability to communicate with the outside world.  Phone systems are vital links between customers and businesses and/or between constituents and government agencies.  Phone systems in offices typically operate 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year, a workhorse in the office but its benefits are sometimes taken for granted in favor of more popular wireless mobile phone.


To save on telecom cost, get your business a Private Branch Exchange (PBX) phone system.  It enables businesses and employees to establish voice-calling to local area subscribers in a particular local area. Communication within the office is possible as phone system also function as an intercom tool. Flexible phone systems enable remote workers to be productive

Cost-Effective Solution

A typical small business phone systems is ideal for offices with about 5-10 people. Employees should be able to contact its co-workers inside as well as outside (remote workers) and especially the customers. The phone system hooked via a telephone trunk line operates as a mini-phone system.  A small business phone system usually refers to Private Branch Exchange or PBX consisting of about 8-24 local lines and 4-8 trunk lines.


A Private Branch Exchange (PBX)is true cost-saving equipment that can promote employee productivity and efficiency plus good return on investment. With heavy volume of incoming andoutgoing calls emanating from both external and internal clients, a small business phone system is the ideal solution. Features such as teleconferencing, auto-attendant, voice-mail, least-cost route and other advance digital features truly promote employee productivity. Most of all, it translates to big savings on telecom expense when features areoptimized.

Today, a business phone system is not only a tool for voice calls. It serves as telecom cost-saving equipment with feature that truly promotes savings via effective method such as least-cost call routing.   Modernphone systems are IP-based PBXs taking leverage on  IP technology, which when coupled with the VOIP Technology are more powerful and more affordable thanever before. 


Modern phone systems are designed to address a variety of business needs. IP-Phones such as PC-Based and SIP-based phone systems offer independence, security, compatibility, manageability, mobility, affordability, and advanced features.  When based on SIP, phone systems using IP PBXs help companies to be independent and free from being locked into a particular vendor. 


Here’swhy.  In this age of broadband speed internet communication, instead of costly traditional telecom-base service, voice communication now passes thru a public network which happens to be the internet.  Internet broadband will enablevoice, data and video communication thus enabling voice-calling thru the internet medium and at a fraction of a cost of traditional telecom service.  From a “per minute” voice-call charging; one has only to get an internet broadband connection and place VOIP enabled voice-call for free. 

Voice-over-IP (VoIP) technology allows communications to occur over an Internet connection making it possible to have lower cost phone calls. Advantage of using IP-based phone systems is great on offices with multiple sites. A business phone system can connect remote sites to branches thus enjoying free calls between sites. 

Small Business Phone Systems can be leverage even by small business owners in this advent of broadband communications.  All it takes is VoIP enabled technology equipment such a PC-Based Phone System, stand-alone IP-PBX and/or SIP-Based Phone System. Always remember, managing your telecomcost thru adoption of a cost-effective phone system is best approach to reducing business telecom expense.

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