What is a Wireless Internet Service Provider?

What is a Wireless Internet Service Provider ?

WISP Base Station TowerA Wireless Internet Service Provider or WISP is a special kind of broadband service provider that uses a base station antenna to transmit data through the airwaves to a receiving antenna at a customer's premises. The data transmission works in a similar manner to a satellite dish. Themain difference is that a wireless Internet data antenna sends and receives information from a local tower or tall structure versus a satellite.

WISPs use designated channels of spectrum to transmit large amounts of data, both upstream and downstream, over the airwaves. The fact that the service is transported over a wireless connection is transparent to customers who receive up to 54 Mbps of bandwidth via a regular Ethernet connection.

Any entrepreneur, ISP or business customer can set up a WISP using Hotware-Zigwire X-lin Wireless Networking equipment based on 802.11 standards. While most WISPs use 802.11 technology, a WISP could also use equipment that’s require them to buy licensed portions of spectrum toaccomplish the same objective. Hotware-Zigwire offers both such as WiMAX but at the moment WiFi is leading the technology and pricing developments. Either way, wireless systems have many advantages over wired systems such as Digital Subscriber Line ( DSL) or cable modems.

Building wireless networks can be a challenge if you don't know how to calculate a Radio Frequency (RF) link budget or how to use a spectrum analyzer to see what type of RF environment already exists in a potential service area. Hotware-Zigwire Solution consultants have built systems in many different environments that range from very sparsely populated areas with no
RF activity to very dense population centers with many types of RF activity.

Wireless CPETo make it easy for customers todeploy these types of systems, Hotware-Zigwire Solutions has developed a turnkey or pre-packaged solution for people that don't have time to do the research or evaluate many different types of wireless networking gear. Hotware-Zigwire’s leading team of RF , ISP Security and Internet Protocol (IP) experts put together a complete broadband wireless solution that takes all the guesswork and headaches out of launching a WISP business.

Turning to Hotware-Zigwire Solution Consulting for helpful advice on planning, building and launching a wireless ISP will help you avoid many of the mistakes that are typically made by people with no RF or IP experience. Hotware-Zigwire’s Wireless ISP solution and network design provides a well thought out plan that will allow you to get a system up and running quickly.The first step in any system is a proposed is a Hotware-Zigwire Solution Preliminary Design and Risk Application Site Evaluation Contract

Details involved are discussed near the end of this information package.

In addition to building the system, Hotware-Zigwire Solution will provide training classes (cost associated) that will enable you to become a Hotware-Zigwire WiFi certified RF installer. By the time you finish our training classes, you will be an expert on installing, troubleshooting and planning for your networks future growth.

Building a WISP in your neighbourhood, city or town is the quickest and most cost effective way to get high-speed internet connections for schools, municipal offices, libraries, residents and local businesses. While wireless technology may be new to you and your area, there are more than 4,475 operating successfully in the U.S. alone. This group of entrepreneurs is busy showing the rest of the world that the "broadband wireless" model is an extremely effective way to migrate customers from old dialup connections to very fast broadband connections without investing millions of dollars on capital expenditures usually associated with building wired DSL or cable modem broadband systems.

The best part about a wireless system is the fact that the signal travels through the air, which means you don't have to worry about running a pair of wires to every single customer.

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